Is the UroLift® procedure right for me?

Man enjoying a life without pain from BPH symtoms

Discover if UroLift® is the best option to treat your BPH.

UroLift® is a minimally invasive outpatient BPH procedure that requires a single office visit. Medications and traditional surgery are not needed with this treatment, and no tissue is destroyed. UroLift® releases the pressure your prostate places on your urethra, keeping pathways open, and easing flow. And you can rest easy knowing that impotence and sexual dysfunction are not common occurrences with UroLift®

Meeting American Urological Association (AUA) guidelines as a treatment for BPH, UroLift® may be your key to unlocking your bladder and saying goodbye to the complications that come with having an enlarged prostate. Past patients have been able to resume daily activities quickly and have left their outpatient visit with the confidence that they can go through life without needing to be within a short walk of a restroom.

Is UroLift® a Permanent Treatment?

The UroLift® implant is a permanent implant, and the treatment is intended to be permanent. Durability of UroLift® has been proven out to 5 years while maintaining improvements in symptoms, urinary flow and quality of life.*  Another unique aspect of the UroLift® System is that it does not preclude retreatment or other BPH treatments, should that be needed and desired any time in the future.*

The safety and effectiveness of the UroLift® System has been demonstrated in over 1,000 patients and years of clinical data presented in peer-reviewed publications. Clinical studies have been conducted in the United States, Canada, Europe and Australia.*